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Buying A House or Renovating A House / Real Estate

Down Payment & Closing Cost Help for

Middle- & High-Income Home Buyers in VA

(Check Your Area)  

  • 1st Time Home Buying Programs No Longer for Low Income Buyers Only 

  • Now Middle- & High-Income Buyers can Receive Down Payment & Closing Cost Help

  • Household (1-3 people) Maximum Income: $80K-$228K

  • Loan Maximum:  $450-$725K

  • Homebuying Program Varies by Region

  • Scroll Down for Details to Check Your Area (State, City, County) Programs   

Lower Mortgage Rates Forecast for 2024

  • Mortgage Rates Increased to a High of 7.79% in 2023

  • Mortgage Rates Forecast to Decrease 2024

  • Lower Mortgage Rates Makes it More Affordable to Buy & Refinance Homes & 2-4 Unit Multifamily/Apt Properties

How to Find Mortgages Below 3% Today! 

  • Innovative Approach with:

    • Lower Monthly Payments

    • Reduced Closing Cost

    • Shorter Loan Payoff

Down Payment Now Only 5% (was 15%-20%) to Buy 2-4 Unit Multifamily/Apartment Properties 

  • Young & Active Senior Adults Can Invest in 2-4 Unit Properties (Some Include 2-3 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom Units)

  • Live in One Unit & Rent or Airbnb Other Units to Help Pay Mortgage and/or Profit 

  • 2-4 Unit Prices May Be More Affordable Than You Think 

  • Click "5% Down Info" Link for Details on Down Payment

  • To See Map of 2-4 Unit Properties for Sale Click "Multifamily Info" Link, Change Location to Your Desired City, & Make Sure Only Multifamily is Selected on the "Home Type" Menu

  • Some 1st Time Home Buying Programs May Provide Down Payment & Closing Cost Help for Owner Occupied 2-4 Unit Properties

  • Scroll Down for Details to Check Your Area (State, City, County) Programs 

Check Your Area for Down Payment & Closing Cost Help 

  • Most City, County, or State Governments Have 1st Time Home Buying Programs That Typically Provide 

    • Down Payment & Closing Cost Help

    • Insight on Process to Buy a House

    • Recommendations for Loan Officers or Real Estate Agents 

  • To Find Programs in Your Area Cut & Paste the Language Below in Google 

    • First Time Home Buying Assistance Program (1st add your city & search, then county & search, then state & search)  

25 Best Places for Young Professionals to Live

  • 25 Metro Areas for Young Professionals 2023-2024

  • Based on Weighted Average for Job Market (55%), Desirability (30%) & Affordability (15%)

Best Places to Live

Best/Affordable Places to Retire in U.S. 

  • Based on Data for 150 Largest Metropolitan Areas

  • Top Criteria Include Residents Happiness, Housing Affordability, Tax Rates, & Health Care Quality 

Best Places to Live

Free Home Repair/Renovation Estimates & How to Find Contractors or a Handyman 

  • Get up-to-date, Cost Estimates

  • Cost Estimates Based on Your Job & Location

  • Homewyse Uses Unit Cost Method & Latest Cost Data for Labor & Materials

Homewise Estimates on Home Renovations

Great Renovation Materials Cheap - Flooring, Windows, Doors, Kitchens, Lighting, Appliances

  • Contractors/Others Donate New & Slightly Used, Surplus Building Materials

  • Reuse Stores Sell Items Cheap

  • To Find Locations Google 

    • Reuse Building Materials Near Me 

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