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Free or Cheap

  • 100% free, no signups, no teasers

  • Get addresses, phone numbers, email, relatives, friends, associates, property information & more!

Great Stuff Free - Furniture, Home Goods, Tools, Kids/Adults Clothes, Books, Toys, etc,

  • "Buy Nothing Groups" Offer a World of Free Stuff

Furniture & Home Goods
Kids & Kid Clothes

Find Other Great Free or Cheap Eats, Entertainment, Things-to-Do, etc.

  • Google

    • Free and Cheap Eats Near Me​

    • Free and Cheap Things to Do Near Me

    • Free and Cheap Entertainment Near Me

    • Free and Cheap Things for Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors (google one group at a time) Near Me

    • Free and Cheap Things for Visitors Near Me 

Protect Yourself, Family and/or Assets

Pepper Spray is "A Must Have" for

Self Defense

  • Pepper Spray is Effective Against Attackers Under the Influence of Drugs & Alcohol (allegedly mace is not)

  • Great for Family & Friends

  • Amazon's #1 Best Seller has Over 100K Ratings, Max Police Strength OC Spray, 10 Foot Stream for Protection & Easy to Use

Pepper Spray Pix.PNG

Everyone Should Use Spot Crime to Check Crime in Neighborhoods or Destinations (it's free and legal) 

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Four Must-Have Legal Documents to Protect Yourself, Family, and/or Assets (huge price reduction)

Female Doctor
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