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Buying Auto or Repairing Auto

Vehicle Anti-Theft Solution (for Apple & Andriod Phones) That Tracks Your Vehicle & Reduces Insurance for Under $40 Per Vehicle

  • Protect Yourself Against Spike in Vehicle Theft in NYC & Across America!

  • For Andriod Phones Google "Best Android GPS Tracking Devices"

  • Also Used to Track Kid's Vehicles, Elderly Relatives, Pets, Keys, Luggage, etc.

  • Note: Using Air Tag and/or a GPS Device to Track People Without Their Concent  is a Crime in Many Regions Around the World.

Where to Buy Vehicle Anti-Theft Solution & Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation Steps Anyone Could Do

  • Air Tags ONLY work with Apple iPhones

  • For Andriod Phones Google "Best Android GPS Tracking Devices"

Basic Steps on How to Buy an Auto (Car, SUV, Truck, etc.)

  • Determine How Much You Can Afford Based on Your Income, Expenses, & FICO Score by Applying for an Auto Loan at Your Bank or Credit Union (they typically have better interest rates than auto dealerships which may result in lower monthly payments) 

  • To Find Reliable Autos Within Your Approved Loan Amount Consult "Consumer Reports Magazine's Lates Auto Issue (you may have to go to your local library to find it)"

  • For New and Used Autos Consult Your Bank, Credit Union, COSTCO, AAA, or Other Car Buying Programs for the Best Places to Buy Your Auto

    • Typically They Have Pre-negotiated Prices at or Below Dealer Invoice Prices ​

  • For Used Autos Once You Find a Potential Candidate Go to

    • Kelly Blue and Compare Their "My Car's Value" (Private Party Value) Report to the Asking Price

    • and Get Their Report on the Auto Maintenance & Accident Report

    • Pay a Mechanic to Inspect the Auto to Confirm it is Reliable 

    • Negotiate Price with Owner Based on Reports Above 

Free Auto Repair Estimates (on labor, parts, etc. in your area) & How to Find an Auto Repair Shop

  • Estimates Honored at 2,800 RepairPal Certified Locations Nationwide

Auto Repair

New Auto Repair Parts Much Cheaper 

  • You can Buy Auto Repair Parts Online at a Discount (approximately 10% - 15%+) 

  • You Can Have Auto Parts Delivered or Pick-up at Store

  • To Find Locations Google 

    • New Auto Part Stores Near Me 

  • Review Website for Online Option​

  • Follow Instructions to Make Your Purchase

24 Hour Emergency Auto Roadside Assistance -  Auto Not Starting, Flat Tire, Towing Service, etc.

  • Repair Shop Recommendations & Deals on Auto Repairs

  • Discounts on Travel - Air, Hotel, Auto

AAA Auto Repair & Auto Emergency Roadside Service
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