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Soar with Education

Tuition-Free Colleges/Universities (2 & 4 Year) Across America,
Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans,
& Student Loan Forgiveness

Tuition-Free 4-Year Colleges & Unversities

Across America

(Several Ivy Leagues Included) 

Tuition-Free 2-Year

Junior Colleges

Across America

Find Life-changing Scholarships Made for You

  • Scholly Is the #1 College Scholarship App in the World and Has Helped Students Win More Than $100 Million Dollars

A Variety of Federal, State, & Non-profit Financial Aid is Available for College or Career Schools

  • Federal Grants, Loans, & Work-study Jobs

  • Many Nonprofit and Private Organizations Offer Scholarships

  • Aid for International Study

  • Aid for Military Families

  • Education Awards for Community Service with AmeriCorps

  • Educational and Training Vouchers for Current and Former Foster Care Youth

Federal Student Aid for Grants, Loans, & Work-study Programs
Professor & Students Reviewing Student Loans, Grant, Scholarships, & Loan Forgiveness Opportunities

10+ Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs


  • Federal Student Loan Borrowers Could Be Eligible for Forgiveness Under Multiple Circumstances

  • There Are Legitimate Ways to Get Forgiveness Through Free Government Programs

  • There Are Several Options 

Graduates Soaring with Education

Best High Schools, Colleges, & Universities 

U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings 


  •  The U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings Include Data on Nearly 24,000 Public High Schools in 50 States and the District of Columbia

  • Nearly 18,000 Schools Were Ranked on Six Factors Based on Performance on State Assessments and How Well They Prepare Students for College

  • It's Never Too Late to Start Thinking About the College Journey

Best High Schools

U.S. News Best College & University Rankings


  • A College Education Could Affect Opportunities, How Much Money You Earn and Your Quality of Life

  • According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics Chart on Unemployment and Earnings by level of Education

    • Workers with Bachelor's Degrees Earned 67% More Income Than Those with a High School Diploma

Best Colleges
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